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About Jacqueline Hayes

Jacqueline Hayes is a four-time author, keynote speaker, impact coach, podcaster, publisher and CEO of Seyah One Enterprises. She relishes inspiring people to build the perfect image of themselves and she strives to nurture the roots of confidence and self-belief. Jacqueline is passionate about helping people unveil their true potential, realize their dreams, and achieve excellence in life. She leverages 23+years of experience in human resources and talent acquisition to refine the rough edges of personality and empowers others for success and greatness.

Jacqueline Hayes loves connecting with new and amazing people and helping them broaden their horizons and adopt a constructive approach to life. She strives to be a purposeful partner who helps others seek the right answers and the perfect solutions required to find peace, joy, and freedom. Over the years, Jacqueline has had the luxury to serve in numerous major industries including Education, Telecommunications, and Technology, and she is an avid seeker of knowledge. Jacqueline loves unveiling the mysteries of human behaviors.

Jacqueline Hayes is an author of “Unfolding: A Woman’s Journey,” “You Are Enough: A Guide to Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, and Acceptance,” “Blossom:Discover the Beautiful Flower Within,” and “Inspired Living: Beautiful Inspirational Quotes for the Journey.”





The Jacqueline Hayes Show is dedicated to helping people feel empowered, strong, valued, and joyful.

On the show, we will talk about what inspires, challenges, moves and shapes us, in hopes that it will do the same for you.

Our conversations will be lively, purposeful and fun.

Please join the conversation, you are wanted and welcomed here in the community.
Plus, conversations are so much more fun and amazing when we’re in them together!

Enjoy your life fully, richly and beautifully!

I believe in you.


What People Are Saying

“You are Enough” is a good read to reaffirm positive self-awareness. It allowed me to identify areas of my life that were hindering my success and helped me recognize that I’m “good enough” and it was I who was stalling my potential!
Sharmon C.
Allow me to be transparent. Although this book was promoted as a book for women, the beauty and grace of the author arrested my attention so I read the book from cover to cover. The book is an excellent readand let's be honest, all of us-men and women-at some point ...
Ben M.
First, this is an amazing book that has truly been a blessing to my life. It is a book which gives you a new outlook on any situation. I could not put her book down after reading the first chapter, it was captivating, enlightening and awesome book. Jackie you have ...
T. Taylor
This was truly a great read!! It reminded me of the love that God has for me and the endless possibilities that my life can take me... The declarations at the end of each chapter is a way to continue the healing process that the author talks about.... Loved it ...
Yvonne P.

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