Love It!!!!!! Awesome!!!! Great Book!!!

First, this is an amazing book that has truly been a blessing to my life. It is a book which gives you a new outlook on any situation. I could not put her book down after reading the first chapter, it was captivating, enlightening and awesome book. Jackie you have done a fabulous job and you have really outdone yourself. Thank you so much for being an inspiration for me and so honored to have my very own autographed copy. Love It!!!! Waiting on your next one!!!!!

Tammy Taylor


Just phenomenal!! I’m an avid reader and can honestly say that “You Are Enough” is truly one of the best reads from this genre I’ve had in many moons! If you’re truly ready to make a positive internal shift, this will be a resource you will not want to put down!

As the preface suggests, reading with an open mind, will make all of the difference in the world! Be ready to get very uncomfortable with your “old” way and get ready to start living the life destined for you!!!! You are enough!!!!


“You are Enough” is a good read to reaffirm positive self awareness

“You are Enough” is a good read to reaffirm positive self awareness. It allowed me to identify areas of my life that were hindering my success and helped me recognize that I’m “good enough” and it was I who was stalling my potential!

Sharmon C.