Have you ever taken time to ponder why some people’s dreams come true and others do not? Have you thought about what makes those individuals different from the people whose dreams are never fulfilled or realized? Do you think it is because some people are more gifted and talented than others? Do you think “dream realizers” have a special edge or advantage over you and other people? Or are you contemplating the notion that you have received an unfair advantage in life and you are less capable than those who have achieved their dreams? Regardless of the nonsense you have been told or the nonsense you are telling yourself right now, I am here to tell you that all of it is garbage; it is not true. We are all the same. Our Creator created us equally. I believe dreams are given to each of us. I believe dreams are placed inside every human being—dreams that inspire us to stretch into our potential. I believe dreams are like a call or an invitation into the unknown.


Dreams are like a candle in our heart that lights the way toward our destiny, our purpose in life. Dreams are powerful. Dreams are transforming. Dreams can give a hopeless person inspiration, motivation, and determination to rise above his or her current situation. I love to take time on Sunday afternoons to ponder and reflect—reflect on my life and give thanks for the many dreams I have witnessed come to pass in my life. I love to swim in the ocean of possibilities in my mind. I enjoy thinking of what could be—a new dream coming into existence. I love to sit back, relax, and allow my spirit to freely roam and discover new territories and new possibilities.


In this book You Are Enough, I want to take you on a journey of  self discovery and the awesome possibilities bottled up within you, My hope is that this book will inspire women to discover who they are—their beauty, their charm, their amazing abilities, and their uniqueness you will get a glimpse of your own essence, connect with who you are, and stand firmly grounded in your own roots.